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Your next order of high quality films for your business

We process compostable cellulose, cellophane and polypropylene, acrylic, coextruded and bi-oriented films. We do our best to meet the client’s needs, both for spot delivery or for recurring orders.

To find out more about our products and more information, please download our PDF catalogues. You are always welcome to contact us to find the best combination of product and service your business requires.

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Plain Cellophane

Transparent, non heat-sealable Compostable, this film films can be used for twist wrap, glued bags and lamination, for products where protection from moisture is not required.Transparent, non heat-sealable Compostable, this film films can be used for twist wrap, glued bags and lamination, for products where protection from moisture is not required.

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Cellophane PVDC Coated

Recycled wood pulp cellulose film with high gloss and transparency characteristics.

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Cellophane Metallized

Thanks to the high barrier, this metallic film is certified as compostable in both industrial and domestic environments, and is also suitable for anaerobic digestion.The incorporation of a minimum amount of PVdC serves to optimize moisture and act as a barrier to gases by allowing a simpler and lighter packaging, useful to extend and / or Keep the shelf life of the packaged products.

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Bi-Axially Oriented Plain Polypropylene (BOPP)

Transparent, high gloss, one side treated film for premium Roll-Fed Wrap Around Labels

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Bi-Axially Oriented Coextruded Polypropilene (Bopp)

Two-side sealable, one-side treated co-extruded transparent film.

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High Speed Bi-Axially Oriented Coextruded Polypropilene (BOPP)

Transparent, one-side low heat sealable (90°C), one side treated, heat-sealable OPP film

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Polypropilene (BOPP) Cavitated White

HGP is a 3 layer, white voided OPP film with high opacity and whiteness.

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Polypropilene (BOPP) Cavitated White Low Sealable

5-layer, one side treated, high gloss cavitated white film with ultra-wide heat sealing range.

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BOPP Solid White High Gloss

Solid white, two-side, sealable, one-side treated film with outstanding whiteness

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Biaxially Oriented Metallized Polypropylene

Moderate barrier, sealable metallized film

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BOPP Transparent Matted

BOPP one-side treated, one-side matte, sealable matte film.

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BOPP Transparent Matt Both Sides

BOPP matt, both sides are heat sealable, treated. Bopp Transparent Matt is usually supplied with treatment on the outside surface (TO). Bopp Transparent Matt can be supplied either with treatment on the inside surface (TI) or treated on both sides (DO, DI). Please contact us before processing the order.

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Coated Acrylic Polypropylene

Transparent OPP film, both sides Acrylic coated to provide a consistent high gloss performance. Suitable for all types of packaging machines, for printing and high gloss lamination

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Coated Acrylic PVDC Polypropylene

Transparent OPP film, one side Acrylic and one side PVDC coated.

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Coated Acrylic Polypropylene PVDC Double Barrier

Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film coated on both sides with an aqueous dispersion of polyvinylidene chloride (PVdC) copolymer

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